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Lindsay Pope helps improve the delivery of trustee and legacy related, advisory services.

With New Zealand’s trust law about to change, trustees and advisers need to be on top of their game.

What do you need to be thinking about as a trustee or adviser?  How do you know if you have a problem?  What’s best practice look like?  How do you reset expectations, or tell someone that things need to change?

Trustees, advisers and professional firms are having to respond to a wider range of relational and technical challenges in trust and estate planning work.  What sort of response is required?  Where do you get the independent help?

Lindsay mentors, authors and speaks on ways to improve best practices, strengthen decision making and build productive private client relationships.

He consults to professional advisory firms on how to unlock commercial value, reduce risk and improve the delivery of trustee and legacy related services to private clients.

We’ve used Lindsay’s services for over 10 years and as a trustee, I feel better organised with piece of mind knowing I’m doing everything possible to benefit the beneficiaries.  I can highly recommend Lindsay for his very considered and well organised processes.   

D Walker, Auckland

I’ve always found that it’s useful to have outside input on how you are performing, regardless of your own level of expertise.  Lindsay’s program was delivered with our priorities and issues in mind in a way which involved everyone in the firm.  As a result, we now have achievable practical steps to improve our trust services to clients.

Audrey Seaton, Director, Wain Naysmith Lawyers

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