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Our philosophy’s simple — to develop better trustees.

With proposals announced to change New Zealand’s trust law, it’s essential trustees are running their trusts properly.

How do you know if you’ve got a problem?  What do you do if your trust isn’t being run properly?  How do you bring a wayward co-trustee into line?  Where are the risks and how do you reduce them?  What’s good trustee practice look like?

It can be hard figuring out the best response to some of the challenges you face as a trustee.  That’s where we can help.

We mentor and train professional and private trustees.  Let’s check you’re on track. 


“We’ve used Lindsay’s services for close to 10 years and if need be, we can demonstrate to our beneficiaries that we have proper process and support in place.  As a trustee I feel better organised and have peace of mind knowing I’m doing everything possible to benefit the beneficiaries.  I can highly recommend Lindsay for his very considered and well organised processes.”  D Walker, Auckland 2013


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