trust and legacy planning
with purpose

Purposeful planning involves the careful planning for the stewardship of family wealth through life transitions.

The spotlight for planning in this context is on the well-being and enhancement of people (the family and its members; the beneficiaries of a trust) and the practices that support good stewardship, governance and decision-making.

It’s planning that helps people understand their situation, define what matters, and take the next step.  It requires collaboration between advisers and facilitation of healthy conversations that enable informed decisions.

Purposeful planning captures the spirit and intention behind a gift and prepares heirs and beneficiaries to receive well.

Lindsay’s services to private clients, trustees, beneficiaries and professional advisers include:

  1. Best practices - for trusteeship and legacy planning
  2. Forward planning – independent reviews and forward plans
  3. Mentoring and training – trustees, beneficiaries, private clients, professional advisers
  4. Advisory services - for private client families, trustees and beneficiaries
  5. Professional trusteeship – improving client and commercial outcomes, lowering professional risk

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