information & resources
for trustees

These resources are provided for New Zealand based trustees.  The material should not be considered as specific advice as it’s important trustees always get advice from suitably qualified people specific to their situation.  You are welcome to use this information provided no changes are made, and you attribute the information as having come from Lindsay Pope of Trustee Support.

Checklists & worksheets

Interviews to improve trustee understanding

  1. Trusts & how they work (with John Brown, Barrister)
  2. The qualities of a trustee (with Alasdair McBeth, DLA Phillips Fox)
  3. Trustee duties (with Andrew Butler, Russell McVeagh)
  4. Whether to be a trustee (with Angus Rogers, Martelli McKegg)
  5. Trust deeds (with Tammy McLeod, Davenports Harbour)
  6. How assets get into trust (with Juliet Moses, TGT Legal)

Interviews to improve trust management

  1. Settlors & their wishes (with Ingrid Taylor, Taylor Shaw)
  2. Managing beneficiary expectations (with Vicki Ammundsen, Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law)
  3. Disclosure to beneficiaries (with Denham Martin, Lawyer)
  4. Making trustee decisions (with Lindsay Pope, Trustee Support)
  5. Trustee record keeping (with Henry Stokes, Public Trust)
  6. Trustee meetings & reviews (with Anthony Grant, Barrister)
  7. Managing trust assets (with Gary Fitzpatrick, Comac Trustees)
  8. Trustee liabilities (with John Hart, Barrister)
  9. Trustee investments (with Geoff Clews, Barrister)
  10. Distributions & loans (with Chris Kelly, Greg Kelly Law)
  11. Trustee accounting (with Rachelle Pelkman, Trust Accountants)
  12. Tax obligations (with Pieter Holl, Pieter Holl & Associates)
  13. Wind up of a trust (with Jeff Kenny, Wynn Williams)
  14. Attacks on trusts (with Vanessa Bruton, Barrister)
  15. Conflict & contentious matters (with Geoff Sharp, Barrister & Mediator)


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