2 minute articles for trustee success

  • Trustee risks – Don’t push your luck

    Published October 5, 2014

    I did something pretty dumb two week’s back.  I ran out of petrol in my car (on the way to the petrol station to fill up!).  I’ve never done that before and it’s not something I like to admit. I learnt a lesson – don’t push your luck. Yes, the little yellow fuel warning light… Read More »

  • Trustee risks – Insurance risk

    Published September 17, 2014

    Last week my step-daughter wrote off her car.  While shaken, I’m thankful she wasn’t hurt because the airbags did the job when needed.  She was also insured. It set me thinking about the things we rely on as trustees to protect trust assets and whether they’ll do the job if the unexpected happens.  Insurance is… Read More »

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