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When you’re responsible for other people’s interests and assets, you need things to be running right.

Lindsay has collaborated with 20 trust experts to bring together a free guide specifically for trustees.

It’s jam-packed full of practical tips and easy to implement good practices.  The guide highlights what you need to be thinking about and doing as a trustee, and areas where trustees can often make mistakes.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • Your core duties and what happens if you ignore them (with Andrew Butler, Russell McVeagh)
  • What information you should share with beneficiaries if they come asking (with Denham Martin, Lawyer)
  • How regular trustee meetings can reduce your personal trustee risk (with Anthony Grant, Barrister)
  • An 8 step process for managing trustee investment decisions (with Geoff Clews, Barrister)

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As a new trustee, I knew little about trusts, how they were run, or my responsibilities.  If you want to know about being a trustee, 10 Minute Trustee Success is a must read.  It’s helped me build positive relationships with my co-trustees and beneficiaries.  Thank you so much Lindsay.

Sam V, Auckland

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